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Jury is out on SEC superiority until atleast Nov!

Posted on: August 31, 2012 5:01 pm
<p># 2 Alabama  vs #8 Michigan, a September matchup between the cream of the SEC and the cream of the Big10.    Oh it nice, that one game should tell us weather the SEC is the best team in the land in 2012 and should go to the BCS one game playoff system.   Did I just loose you?    well what other games in September or October should tell us how good the SEC is?   All those games against the Sun Belt, MAC and Conf USA?   No, they will win 95% of those.   What about all those other September and October games between top 25 ranked SEC teams and other Top 25 teams?   According to the AP poll none,   the Coaches voted Auburn #25 and they play #14 Clemson of the ACC Set 1.      In November  #9 South Carolina plays #14 Clemson and #23 Florida plays #7 Florida St.    But the only game against the Big 12 is #15 Texas against Mississippi  #3 LSU against  unranked Washington, Missouri against Ariozona St (check the conference listings) and Vandy plays Northwestern, which although interesting neither league is going to bet anything on the battle of the token private smart schools.    <br /><br />5  games scheduled between    the SEC and the other three top conferences. How will they do?   <br /><br /><br />The SEC does play six games against the ACC,  the three I mentioned before and Tenn vs  NC St,    Vandy vs Wake, and Georgia vs Ga Tech.  <br />The SEC plays three teams against the depleted Big EAst  Kentucky vs Lousivlle,  missouri vs Syracuse, and Arkansas vs Rutgers. <br /><br /><br />So really enjoy  Alabama vs Michigan because that is how I wish college football really should be in September,  of course the BCS made teams afraid to schedule a tough game out of conference because one loss and you are out of the BCs picture.   <br /><br />I think I will DVR the game and watch it every Saturday in September.         </p>

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